Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fuzzy Surprise!

Having successfully conquered the Human Banana Surprise, Donna from San Diego has decided to set her sights on the animal kingdom by attempting to shock her kitties Zena & ZuZu with the yellow fruit:

Unfortunately, it really only wound up confusing them...

And our blogger friend Fightin' Mad Mary from LA sent in this shockingly adorable photo of her dog Day-Z:

Mary reports: "I was the one that was surprised she balanced that banana on her head long enough for me to take a photo." I imagine that Day-Z probably didn't expect to have a banana on her head either, so I guess everyone was Banana Surprised in this situation.

And in what might result in cuteness overload today, Jon from Silverlake sent in this photo of his god-daughter Charlotte...

...who maybe seems more Banana Bemused than Surprised. Nevertheless, she's pretty darn cute.

Of course, the whole point of this project is to throw bananas at unsuspecting people, like Donna did to her co-worker Luis...
...who dove off his chair in order to catch the off-center Banana Toss. When she's not taking photos of her kitties, Donna's banana tosses have an element of danger--and we here at Banana Surprise couldn't love that more. So what are you waiting for!? Send in your Banana Surprises!


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